We’re Calling It—These Are Summer 2019’s Must-Have Nail Colors



MANILA, PHILIPPINES. Nail trends have had quite the evolution. From the classic red nails of the 50s, to the staid neutral palette of the 60s, we moved on to eye-catching metallics gracing fingertips in the 70s. In the 80s, we saw fluoro and neon hues before they made way for the deep and angsty hues of the 90s.

The turn of the century saw a major departure from the colors of decades past with dainty French manicures and demure nude hues. Of course, it wasn’t long before colorful tints and fanciful patterns started to make its way back onto everyone’s fingertips with intricate nail art.

So where are we now when it comes to nail trends—especially now that the breeze is blowing warmer, the sun is shining brighter and summer is most definitely here?

Nailogy CND Ellatopia.jpg

“We’re still big fans of the elaborate techniques showcasing beautiful nail art popularized in recent years; or the classic colors and hues that are trademarks of great eras, but we find the creativity behind the return of basic and bold hues very refreshing,” says Arvin Amaro, Brand Manager.

The trend is driven by a combination of form and function. Manicures still need to make a statement, but that’s difficult to do when your fingertips are dripping with rhinestones. So you turn to color instead–but it has to be a durable as it is eye-catching.

Nailogy CND Ellatopia 6.jpg

If that seems like a pretty tall ask for nail polish, then consider this: all these CND’s Creative Play collection readily answers all of it.

Let’s start with the color selection. The CND Creative Play collection features bold primary colors—from bright yellows to cheerful pinks; fire engine reds to lush greens; subtle blues and gentle purples. It’s a selection that fits every style and every mood.

Nailogy CND Ellatopia3.jpg

Nailogy CND Ellatopia 4.jpg

Next, let’s talk about function. Taking into account that summer is a season defined by a lot of activities and fun, you want your nail statement to hold. To that end, gel polish is the way to go; and CND’s Creative Play collection is a gel polish collection that guarantees your nails last.

Nailogy CND Ellatopia 7.jpg

So now the question is, where do you go to get them?

Nailogy Ellatopia.jpg

Nailogy CND Ellatopia 5.jpg

Simply visit Nailogy—the ultimate full-service salon that offers personalized services that can get you primed and all-set for summer, from head to toe. So before you head out for your summer adventures, check out any of our branches at Robinsons Place Ermita, Robinsons Galleria or Hypermart Pasig and be sure to ask for our CND Creative Play summer collection.


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