Jay’s Way Making its Way

Coffee shop with a big name or a small artisan coffee shop? I’ll always choose the latter? Quality suffers in mass commodified coffee—something a coffee connoisseur would know. (As if I’m one. Haha)

As an insomniac, I was never a coffee drinker but thanks to the coffee shops that I have been featuring, I am turning into one. Unlike some people who drink coffee for its kick, I now drink it for its taste.


So far, I just have two coffee shops that are my go-to for its coffee. The first one was already featured in my blog. The second one is Jay’s Way.

Jays Way.jpg

Jay’s Way is owned by Jay Roldan, a former OFW who decided to have his own coffee shop business after a decade of working in Singapore. When he was finally ready, he took the entrepreneurship leap and went back to Manila for good to start his own brand. The name, “Jay’s Way” means “Jay’s way home”.

Jays Way Sir Jay.jpg

Jay Roldan, the very accommodating owner of Jay’s Way

Jay’s Way is one of the emerging “third wave” coffee shops here in Manila.

Jay's Way 2.jpg

When you say third wave coffee, there’s more to it than being a high-quality coffee with an 80 and above scoring, it’s also about sustainability and experience.


Third Wave Coffee proprietors give value to their good relationship with the coffee producers. Jay’s Way even goes to coffee farms to engage with coffee farmers and help them improve their coffee growing.

Unlike some third wave coffee shops in the Philippines who solely rely on imported coffee, Jay’s way also uses coffee from Benguet and Davao. This is why I support Jay’s Way. Not only that their coffee is good but the owner believes in our coffee.


Mitch doing latte art

In Jay’s Way, the baristas are not only latte artists but coffee ambassadors. I was impressed with Mitch of their Okada Branch when she discussed what honey roasted coffee is and educated me about the different roasting techniques. Her explanation and her pretty latte art added value to my coffee.

Jay's Way Ellatopia 4.jpg

The reason why I wasn’t into coffee before is that I never like its taste. Little did I know, I have been drinking overly roasted coffee. Jay explained to me that it shouldn’t be that way and this is what third wave coffee movement stresses out. When I tried Jay’s Way light roasted coffee, I understood what he meant. It was only then that I have come to savor a cup of coffee with its distinctive flavor.


As a third wave coffee shop, Jay’s Way uses innovative brewing methods such as Kalita

Jay’s Way has three branches: Green Sun (Makati), Manila Polo Club (Makati), and Okada Manila (Pasay).

Their Green Sun branch offers only its basic coffee selection while their Manila Polo Club branch has the coffee cocktail selections.

Okada Branch

I haven’t tried their coffee cocktails since I couldn’t get in the exclusive Manila Polo Cub. If you want them, you can also go to their newly opened Okada Branch where they have their complete menu. Unfortunately, when I went there, they were still waiting for their alcohol permit so I ended up just having “merienda” there.


Jay’s Way Okada Manila Branch


Their coffee shop is near the fountain show venue which makes it an ideal place to have afternoon “merienda” while waiting for the fountain show to start.

Aside from coffee, there are caffeine free beverages like juices, milkshakes, floats, and smoothies that they can choose from. They also serve filling snacks. My favorite is their grilled kesong puti on pandesal.

Jays Way Juices.jpg

Refreshing wintermelon, mango and green apple juices
Jays Way Kesong Puti Pandesal.jpg

Tart kesong puti with sweet and savory toppings on pandesal is scrumptious

Gratifying chicken sandwich and creamy and heavy banana oat smoothie

Whether you’re a coffee expert or not, you’ll still be able to enjoy Jay’s Way, but I would highly recommend them for their coffee. If you are like me who is a non-coffee drinker, I’m sure their coffee will convert you as well.

Follow them in IG @jayswayspecialtycoffee and like them on FB Jay’s Way Specialty Coffee

Jay’s Way Specialty Coffee
Green Sun Branch
2285 Chino Roces Avenue Extension
Makati City, Metro Manila

Okada Manila Branch
The Fountain, Okada Manila
New Seaside Drive, Entertainment City,
Parañaque City, Metro Manila

Manila Polo Club Branch (Exclusive for Manila Polo Club Members)
McKinley Rd
Makati City, Metro Manila


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