A View to Remember at Anonang Cloud 9, Samal

I’ll be honest, Samal Island is not my favorite place in the Philippines. It is not as mesmerizing as Coron or El Nido but it became memorable for us because we stayed in the right place. The bungalow where we stayed at is perched upon a cliff and has this magnificent view.


We stayed in Anonang Cloud, a vacation rental in Samal Island with a stunning backdrop of Davao Gulf and Malipano Island (Pearl farm). When skies are clear, you can also get a glimpse of the majestic panorama of Mt. Apo from there.

At night, the city lights of Davao City twinkling from afar makes the atmosphere so romantic. We would normally light up candles by the balcony and set up dinner there.

Ellatopia Anonang Cloud 9 1.jpg

If you will be exploring Samal Island from there, it is best if you have wheels as this place is quite remote. It could be tricky to go find but good thing, the owner guided us from the main street when we arrived.

If you want to rent a motorcycle, you can ask the owners of Anonang Cloud 9 as they have motorbike rental.

Ellatopia Anonang Cloud 9 11.jpg

Book this place if you want to meditate, do yoga, unwind, finish a book or even write a book. Commune with nature as this place has no WIFI and is free from distraction.

Ellatopia Anonang Cloud 9 2.jpg

The house is nothing fancy but it is clean and comfortable. You have to bear in mind that it is not a resort but a budget vacation rental. It is simple but it got all that we needed: a grog hammock, daybed for reading, a kitchen with stove and ref, shower, clothes rack and shelves, clothesline, desks.


The hut is not by the beach and we couldn’t care less.

Aside from its surreal view, the big draw for Anonang Cloud 9 is the sense of adventure that it offers. You can roam and wander around the green foliage that surrounds the area. As for us, we followed the walking trail that leads to the nearby village and ended up friends with a bunch of kids who sort of became our guides.

Anonang Cloud 9 6.jpg

Ellatopia Anonang Cloud 9 10.jpg

On certain mornings, we would go monkey watching by the balcony. The resident monkeys normally hang out near the house or hang by the trees. Unlike some monkeys at touristy places in Southeast Asia, the monkeys here are not sneaky at all and won’t come near you.

Anonang Cloud 9 4.jpg

Ellatopia Anonang Cloud 9 12.jpg

When we stumbled upon this special property through Airbnb.com, Anonang Cloud 9, Cottage 1, we didn’t really expect that we will fall in love with this place and stay there twice. We just paid 1,500 pesos per night at that time.

Considering the luxury view and experience that we had, it was the best deal we have ever had.

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