A Homey Stay at the Project Hostel, Davao

Whenever I travel and I’m in a big city, I would normally stay in a place near the transportation terminal, mall or tourist attractions. This saves me time, energy and money when comes to moving from one point to another. Since I was going to be in Davao which is the largest city (2,444 km²) in the Philippines, I knew that I have to be strategic on handpicking my accommodation.

The Project Hostel, a family run hostel in Ecoland Subdivision, was perfect for my Davao City trip. It is near Ecoland bus terminal where you can hop into a bus that will take you to other parts of Davao or Mindanao. It is also walking distance to SM Ecoland, a mall with restaurants, cinema, supermarket, and shops for your last minute travel needs. There are also multi-cabs at the nearby mall to get you to Roxas night market and Bangkerohan where you can buy cheap fruits.

Common Area The Project Hostel.jpg

Staying in a hostel is always my solution to beating loneliness when I’m traveling solo. It’s not all about staying in a dormitory so I could save a couple of bucks on my travel expense. You see, I become a social creature when I travel and I see it as a perfect venue to meet fellow travelers and interesting characters.

Honestly, I found the Project Hostel very different. The hostel was empty. (Maybe because Davao is not the usual backpacker’s destination). I didn’t receive any warm welcome from the owners nor did they bid farewell. I actually felt like I was staying in a transient place. There were no friendly and chatty staff that would ask me if it is my first time in Davao or give suggestions on where to eat. They had maids who were nowhere to be found most of the time. I had no one to talk to and it was the very first time that I felt so alone during a travel.

It’s a good thing that they have worth reading books in the communal area. My stay there became a time for solitude and reflection. I left the Project Hostel in a peaceful state of mind.


I would still recommend this hostel to people. Hands down when comes to cleanliness and comfort. This makes it very homey. They also have a common kitchen where you can cook, store food in the refrigerator and, heat a meal in the microwave.

I booked their cheapest room which is a fan room for single person.  Even without an air conditioner, the room is very cool if you open the windows so I didn’t really mind. There was even no need for me to turn on the electric fan back then. Its bed is conducive for sleep and the linens are fresh. Not bad for a room that costs 533.00 pesos a night. By the way, they also have a private air-conditioned room for 2 persons.

Ellatopia Room and Bathroom.jpg

Their communal bathroom is spotless, dry and very spacious. They have toiletries (even facial wash) that you can use for free. If you are fussy and you want your own bathroom, they have it outside but it looks smaller.

They do not have dormitories with bunk beds. This hostel is actually ideal for people who prefer privacy or people who are uncomfortable sharing a room with strangers.  What they have is a private air-conditioned room for 4 persons and it has bunk beds. If you are traveling as a group, this might be for you.


Lastly, they are located inside a secure, quiet, and safe subdivision. I was able to sleep soundly at night as I didn’t hear any noise from vehicles.  This is very important for me before I fly out or upon arriving.

Overall, I am happy because I had a restful stay there.

The Project Hostel is located at 48 Walnut Drive, corner Ecoland Dr, Talomo, Davao City, Davao del Sur. Like their FB page @TheProjectHostelDavao

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