Wear the Colors of the Season on Your Fingertips

Holidays are a few weeks away, and while you’re gearing up for party season with a brand-new outfit, don’t forget to check the latest nail trends and update your mani with the hottest colors of this season.

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Seasonal color trends reflect the shades, tones, and hues seen in the four seasons of nature. Every season has its own set of traditional colors that are commonly linked with it. Spring usually brings forth pretty pastels and muted tones. Summer is the time for blissfully alive colors like candy-colored greens, fire engine reds, and even fluorescent. Fall showcases moodier shades such as rich burgundies, sleek blacks, and opulent browns.

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Seasonal nail trends may be foreseeable, but this predictability isn’t the same for the holidays. The weather still calls for strong vibrant colors, but the mood begs for glitter and shine. The back to back social events during this holiday season requires the versatile colors of spring, but with the playfulness of the summer colors. So where does that leaves us?

Quite simply everywhere

This year is inspired by mood and vibe. That’s why expect a juxtapose of fun and happy-inducing colors as much as low-key and subtle shades, with a touch of shimmer added to the mix.

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Nailaholics rounded up their trend report and curated several signature nail polish collection for this holiday season

Haute Affair from TENTEN

Nothing says femme fatale than deep hues in universally flattering shades. For the holiday. Nailaholics offers classic hues in green, red, blue and white in darker tones in keeping with the season.

OMG Mirror Collection

Sophistication is all about subtlety. But the holidays are all about shine. So here’s the happy middle-OMG’s Mirror Collection. The slight shimmer of their metallic collection is enough to catch the light and your eye, but it’s so quite delicate so you don’t have to worry about it being too attention-grabbing.

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Benefit & Solique

Solique Pretty & Polished

Here’s what we mean when we say the dainty, ever flattering, and versatile colors of Spring are making waves through the holiday season. The Benefit and Solique partnership bring a refreshing wash of light pinks, pearly whites and just the right amount of glitter for the holidays.

Solique x Agoo

For a more on trend, in season update, Solique in partnership with Agoo brings you a palette that makes another crossover from Spring, albeit with a barely noticeable hint of moodiness. Think pastels infused with a bit more intensity to fit the season.

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OPI and Morgan Taylor

Morgan Taylor’s Forever Fabulous

The holidays are a great time to celebrate the classics, but with a decidedly festive twist, Morgan Taylor brings us a collection that stays true to your classic nail color staples-reds, nudes, mauves-infused with just the right amount of shine.

OPI Metamorphosis, Hero and Glitter

In the spirit of the upcoming new year and the transformational vibe of the upcoming year, OPI’s collection is all about change literally. The brand offers six, multidimensional hues that can add a little sparkle to your year.

Of course, if you want to stick to the classics, OPI has an extensive collection of go-to colors to suit every occasion and every mood imaginable.

And because what’s a holiday collection without glitter, they’re also offering a range of glitter polishes that can revamp traditional hues when layered on top or be worn alone for an understated finish.

So what are you in the mood for? Take your pick, stay on trend and head to your nearest Nailaholics now.

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