Happy Mango, Worth the Wait

For those living in the Manila, I’m sure by now, you have noticed the huge cult following of those mango float stalls inside the malls. Insane but intriguing, right? In a world filled with impatience, it marvels me that people are willing to fall in line for hours for this mango float in a cup. Talk about devotion.

Ellatopia Happy Mango3.jpgWith Filipinos’ love for mangos and our sweet spot for mango float, I wouldn’t be surprised why this dessert became such a phenomenal hit.

Happy Mango6.jpgHowever,  the success of this frozen treat is still determined by the quality and amount of its ingredients put in the cup.

So what makes an irresistibly good Mango float?

a) Its soft serve should have this delicate milky flavor and smooth consistency.

b)If we will be talking about mangos, it means enormous chunks and not tiny bits of it. Its ripeness must have the right balance of sweetness and tartiness.

c) Whatever the other toppings are, it should only compliment the mango and not take its stage.

d) Lastly, having too much sweetened condensed milk makes it over the top. Just a drizzle will do. Less is more.

And if there is one name that has mastered creating this divine dessert, it’s Happy Mango.


Happy Mango is one of the players in this intense mango float war. Unlike other stalls that also offer mango juices and shakes, Happy Mango makes the decision part easier for you as they only focus on mango float and feature 3 flavors.

The Classic is for those who love to have that unadulterated mango goodness and for those who want to revere the original version of mango float.

Ellatopia Happy Mango5.jpg
Classic (Small) – Php 55 (Medium) – Php 75 (Large) – Php 89
Overload with Oreo (Small) – Php 65 (Medium) – Php 85 (Large) – Php 99

If you can’t live without chocolates, then “Overload with Oreo” is the one for you. At first, I was a bit reluctant to try it thinking that the taste of the chocolate will take over the mango float but I was wrong. The chunks of mangos are too big for the crushed Oreos to take its limelight.

Ellatopia Happy Mango2.jpg
Extreme with Leche Flan (Small) – Php 65 (Medium) – Php 85 (Large) – Php 99

Extreme with Leche Flan is my favorite among the three simply because you can’t go wrong with mangos and leche flan. Not to mention, the epic proportion and the creaminess of its leche flan are worth raving.

Ellatopia Happy Mango 6.jpg

A lot of people think that mango float is just another food trend that will eventually fizzle out but I believe it will be a different case with Happy Mango because their mango float just proved to me that they are here to stay.

Know where to catch them, like them on Facebook happymangoph and follow them on Instagram happymangoph so you can get updates.



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