Ditch the DIYs and #SwitchtoHeySugar

When it comes to removing underarm hair, I would normally buy a DIY waxing kit that is less than a hundred pesos. Being a frugal and practical person that I am, I never considered going to a waxing salon for it.

So what made me visit the waxing salon a week ago? Brazilian waxing. You see, I am tired of shaving unwanted hair down there (We are all guilty of this, I guess). Not only that hair grows faster when you shave but the skin itches after a few days. It also causes pimples and ingrown hair in the long run.

Though I can apply wax on my underarm, it’s a different story when you do it down under. The thought of stripping the wax scares me like hell. That’s why I rather leave it to the professionals.

Ellatopia Hey Sugar 4.jpg

I finally checked out Hey Sugar on Level 3 East Wing, Robinsons Galleria, EDSA corner Ortigas Ave, Ortigas Center, Quezon City. Originally, I wanted to do Brazilian waxing but I ended trying their other services as well.

I availed this package which is a combination of Peppermint Pit-Ty (underarm waxing), Leg Velvet (half leg waxing), and Dulce de Brazilian (Brazilian waxing). That costs 1,280 pesos for the hot wax. If you prefer cold wax, that same package is 980 pesos.

What’s the difference between cold and hot waxing? According to my aesthetician, a lot of girls have this notion that hot waxing hurts more than cold waxing simply because the wax is heated. In fact, it’s the other way around. There’s more pressure applied when using cold wax because the hair doesn’t stick as much as compared to hot wax. That’s why when the waxing strip is pulled, it’s more painful. The salon usually recommends hot waxing which is deemed to be more effective.

Ellatopia Hey Sugar.jpg
How did it go for me? Like the poster in my lovely “torture chamber”, it was “as smooth as icing”. Funny because during my waxing session, the girl in the other room was screaming, “I wanna die”. I think she was having Brazilian waxing.

Peppermint Pit-Ty (underarm waxing). I have been waxing my underarm using at-home waxing kits for years, and I don’t have those wax melting machine so there were times that the wax that I applied was too hot for my skin. Having the right temperature makes a big difference in terms of comfort. It explained why I enjoyed the warmth of the sugar wax when the beauty therapist spread it on my underarm.

Also, waxing doesn’t remove the hair entirely. It can be such a hassle when you have to pluck the remaining underarm hair by yourself. This is something that you don’t have to worry about when you have the experts of Hey Sugar thread it for you afterward.

Leg Velvet (half leg waxing) It was as light as feather. I don’t know if my legs had enough hair but it tickled when the aesthetician quickly stripped the wax from my skin and threaded the remaining hair.

Dulce de Brazilian (Brazilian Waxing) If it’s your first time and you feel self-conscious, just think of the beauty therapists as doctors. They have seen it all and perform Brazilian waxing all the time. Trained for this, they give no malice in seeing your private part. Worrying is a normal thing but unnecessary.

When the aesthetician began with the Brazilian waxing, she started at the top area. To me, that was the most agonizing part.  When the cooled wax was stripped, she gently pressed that area so that it won’t hurt that much. The pain didn’t last a minute. Good thing that she worked in small manageable sections as this made the experience bearable. To me threading the remaining hairs was more tormenting especially that I had thicker hair because of shaving.

After the session, I emerged from the salon smooth, exfoliated, moisturized, and hair-free. I can say that this sweet waxing experience just won me and finally convinced me to ditch DIYs and switch to Hey Sugar.

With that said, would you also do the same, ditch DIYs and #SwitchtoHeySugar?












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