Treat Yourself with Stone Cold’s Heavenly Ice Cream

With its extra creamy texture and rich flavor, I died and gone to heaven. That would sum up my first taste of  Cold Stone Creamery’s ice cream in their newly opened Glorietta 3 branch.



It’s quite obvious why this creamery was named, “Cold Stone”. Their ice cream is so dense that the cup throwing staff would use it for a game of catch with the customer.


A crazy list of 24 ice cream flavors is calling your name. Expect the classic flavors like strawberry, mint, French vanilla, chocolate, cheesecake, and coffee in different versions. Of course, the well-loved tropical mango flavor will be on the list as well.  But if you ask me, the real standouts are their langka and ube flavors. Those two flavors are so defined, I couldn’t get over it.


If you can’t make up your mind on what flavor to choose from, the staff will make you try a sample which I appreciated.

A cup of ice cream starts at 95 pesos. Not bad for an artisanal ice cream that is freshly churned in their store. What I love about them is that they go beyond the usual scoop-and-a-cone options. You can come up with your own creation with their endless array of quality toppings and waffle cone selection.

Ellatopia Coldstone7.jpg

Ellatopia Coldstone.jpg

Other daytime indulgences include milkshakes, smoothies, and affogatos. They also got ice cream cakes that are perfect for special occasions.

The place is simple, clean, and delightful. It channels the good old-fashioned ice cream parlors with its vibrant red tiles. Another thing that is worth mentioning is their top-notch service. People who are working there are not only cheery but accommodating. Aside from mind melting treats, their inviting atmosphere makes me want to come back.

Ellatopia Coldstone9.jpg

Visit their new branch at Glorietta 3, Glorietta Complex, Makati City. They are open from 10:30am to 10:00pm.

Follow their Instagram account, coldstoneph, and like their Facebook page, coldstoneph.














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