All Hail, Fatburger

Four years ago, I experimented on the idea of living in an isolated island for work. Back then, my fellow urbanites and I who lived in this remote island suffered from this phenomena wherein we would fantasize and salivate for a burger.

One time, this well-loved Filipino fast-food chain had a pop-up booth in the coastal town. Everybody was so desperate to get into a boat that would take them two hours to get to town. We didn’t even mind when there was a long winding line as we arrived. All for the glory of eating a burger. You should see us how we savor every bite of that burgers. It was an evangelical moment for us.

I’m no longer castaway in a remote island, and no longer deprived of a burger. But with all the mundane food joints that serve the same kind of lame burger, having one had become just an ordinary experience for me until I was introduced to Fatburger.

Fatburger’s Original Burger

For me, an amazing burger is something that is awkward to eat like the ones in Fatburger. It should be loaded with crisp and fresh veggies that fall off every time you attempt to take a bite. And its burger patty should be a little bit moist and loosely packed.

Their burger starts at 195 pesos and that’s their Original Burger. Some people find its price too steep for its size. But to tell you the truth, if you’re on an island, that price is nothing for that kind of burger. We are talking about quality here. You can’t compare the price of their burger from those cheap burgers sold by mediocre fast food. And besides, I think any size beyond that would lead to gluttony. I mean, it already has a lot in it. If you want heavier, you can go for the double burger (1/2lbs) or triple burger (3/4lbs).

I was always pretty fussy when comes to my buns. I was impressed that they have options if you want your buns to be English muffins, Brioche buns or Gluten-free buns. Next time, I’ll try one of those buns and have bleu cheese as an add-on (yep, they have that as well).

Another reason to return is their buffalo wings. It is interesting that they got 12 flavors of it (divided into three level of spiciness). You can also choose between bone-in or boneless.

I think they Fatburger just raised the bar for when comes to burger experience. Their burger and all that comes it with convinced me that they are indeed the “Last Great Hamburger Stand”.

Their new Hawaiian burger  is a must try. You will love the combination of the zesty pineapple with its smoky burger patty.
I can’t remember the last time I had strawberry milkshake and banana split. Both did a great come back in my life. Their extra creamy milkshake and banana split are superb.
Their spacious dining area with ample seating allows you to have your moment with your burger. It doesn’t feel crowded even when there’s a lot of people
Fatburger, Glorietta 2, Makati Branch

Fatburger began in Los Angeles California and has been serving burger since 1952. Now, they have several branches across the globe (Middle East, Asia, South America, and Europe). Their first branch in the Philippines is at Glorietta 2, Makati and they recently opened their other branch in Mall of Asia, Pasay a few months ago.

If you are around Makati Philippines, visit their branch at Ground Floor, Glorietta 2, Palm Drive, Ayala Center.

They are open from 11AM–12AM (Mon-Wed, Sun) and  11AM–12AM (Thu-Sat)


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