Cube Coffee for Coffee Snobs

You would know if you are drinking a proper coffee if it tastes nutty, fruity or chocolaty.  A real coffee shop should make you appreciate these flavors even with the milk, cream, and sugar. Good coffee has it’s own sweetness when roasted in the way then ground and brewed to perfection. This is what Cube Coffee is all about.

Ellatopia Cube Coffee 3.jpg

A noteworthy thing about this coffee specialty shop is that they have been using handheld coffee bean grinder and Japanese coffee drip brewer for some of their coffee drinks. You see, hand-ground beans transform and take the coffee to a whole new level with flavor and richness you may not get from an automatic coffee grinder. And when you use Japanese coffee drip brewer, it gives coffee a more aromatic and more delicate flavor. These small details that have caught my attention only attest that they consider coffee making as an art.

They have a wide spectrum of unique flavors when comes to their signature coffee and tea. Among them are Ice Coconut Latte, Lemon Mint Coffee, Cube Cafe Mocha (Espresso, Tablea, Cane Sugar and Milk), Orange Pekoe with Rose Buds Tea, Chrysanthemum flowers with Goji Berries Tea, Earl Grey Lavender Tea.

Ellatopia Cube Coffee

I was able to try their Lemon Mint Coffee. I was so amazed at how citrus and mint could play well with coffee and make it so refreshing. It was the very first time I enjoyed the fruitiness of a coffee.

In case you are wondering where their coffee beans are from, they come all the way from Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Costa Rica, and Davao. All of them are locally roasted.

The atmosphere is bright and peaceful. If you are planning to work on your laptop the entire day or prepare your final exams, it’s the perfect venue to concentrate while enjoying having a cup of coffee and snacks or a light meal.

Ellatopia Cube Coffee 9.jpg

Food is reasonably priced. Their food is simple but substantial. Pasta is aldente. They use fresh tomatoes on their Pomodoro and their Pesto is loaded with Parmesan, just the way I like it.


It was actually a relief that their desserts are not overly sweet. I was able to try their Banoffee and Tiramisu and, I was happy because their sweetness was just right for me to relish my coffee.


If you are one of those coffee snobs, you may want to check out Cube Coffee in New Manila because if there’s one thing that they know best, it’s making excellent coffee.


They are located at Devour Food Hub on E Rodriguez Street, New Manila Quezon City.  Follow them on Instagram, @cubecoffeeph and like them on Facebook, Cube Coffee PH, because from time to time they hold cupping sessions and coffee brewing workshops for those who want to learn more about coffee and the art of coffee brewing.


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