Experience a Gastronomic Delight at Mews


Mews was surprisingly empty on a Saturday afternoon when we were there. To me, it was either an omen that the food tastes terrible or it was really just destiny that we were to have the place by ourselves that day. I took this as another revelatory food adventure.



I am a simple eater and I appreciate that Mew’s menu is a hybrid of Asian and European Cuisine because it’s not frighteningly foreign to me.

Our first stopover were Malunggay shot that is a very earthy and hearty soup, and house bread that came with balsamic vinegar.  Sounds silly and lame but I am very particular with bread and they already have won me by serving me a good one.


Later on, Chicken Teriyaki Truffle and Braised Pork Belly were served as a masterpiece on a canvass.

Chicken Teriyaki Truffle

I love how the truffle added depth to this revamped Chicken Teriyaki making it insatiable.

Ellatopia Mews 4.jpg
Braised Pork Belly

The pork belly is undeniably soft and juicy. It was interesting how the braised cabbage and star of anise jus amplified this dish and made is so flavorsome. I also never thought that croquettes would make a perfect partner for the braised pork belly but it did.

To be honest, Mews’ inviting verdant frontage and aesthetically pleasing restaurant interiors made me expect a lot from their food and it certainly didn’t disappoint. I like that they are innovative but not to a point that it is unpalatable.


To what I know, Mews is more known around the neighborhood as a bar at night. Maybe, that’s why it was empty when we were there. But I highly suggest that you go there for a lunch date. I mean, you can’t go wrong with this place. The food is absolutely amazing, the restaurant itself is classy and you get that intimate atmosphere.

Mews is located at L’Ermitage Building on L.P. Leviste Street, Corner Toledo, Salcedo Village, Makati City (in front on the parking lot where Salcedo Market is being held every weekend).

To know more about them and their events, like their FB page (MewsManila) and follow their Instagram account (mewsmanila).



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